Friday, 15 July 2011

Productivity crash... How do I get back on track?

It's been a hellish month, frankly.
At the very end of May, my mother-in-law died suddenly, but very peacefully. It was 'expected' in some ways - she was only a few days off 89 - but not quite then if you know what I mean. Families being families, the funeral was horrendously stressful and my DH coped admirably with a tough time.
Timing sucking all round, I went to Malawi the morning after the funeral, for 10 days, with limited communication between me and DH possible.
Then we went on holiday and what we really needed was a quiet, peaceful, get-away-from-stress fortnight, with lots of walking and fresh air.
What we got was the car breaking down on the first Monday, a bill for £750 when we got it back on the Friday, the car going back to the garage on the following Monday as they had damaged other bits during the initial repair, another week in a hire car and the return of our car on the second (final) Friday with another bill for £350.
You know your holiday is going badly when you're desperate to go home!

Anyway, back to the topic in hand...

When I say 'productivity crash' that's a bit misleading. I was as productive as anything helping to organise the funeral, going to Malawi, working in Malawi etc. We've even been fairly productive since we came back - sorting out the garden from jungle to 'a bit untidy' and buying a new car and so on...
But my peresonal productivity - my progress on my goals and plans - has shrivelled to absolute zilch.
I know that some of this is post-'holiday' slow-down and a lot of it is because my desk at home currently looks like a bomb-site after it became a dumping-ground before we went away.
But also my motivation has dried up.
I have a load of editing to do. I have a ton of work for Chimwemwe to do. I have what feels like a zillion minor things to do (organise a haircut; buy stamps; tidy up etc) that normally I would blast through, but instead I am in a bit of a slump.

Any advice on how to pull myself out?

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