Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Here I am...

... and with no followers (yet), but hopefully this will change!

For the last few years I have felt 'at sea' professionally. I have a well-paid job (academic), I think my peers and my students like and respect me and I shouldn't really complain.

And yet...

It's just not working for me. I have to confess to having stumbled through my 'career' and I never really took enough notice of where I was being led.

I realised the other day, when I was asked to write a mini biog for work, that when it came to 'what do you hope/expect to be doing in the future' that all I could think of writing was:
I expect to be doing the same job for the next 14 years but I hope to have left before then.

Not the most enthusiastic statement!

So, I guess this blog is about where I could go as well as about where I am.